Bunny Mitchell with the mayor of Bexhill at her book launch for 

A Magpie Mourning 

            About the Author


Bunny Mitchell was born in Middlesex, England where she received a grammar school education.

Her varied career has included being a dancer, a buyer's clerk, a cook, a sales rep, a sessional craft instructor for the elderly disabled and, for eight years, she ran a guesthouse in South Wales.

For several years Bunny  lived in Spain and America but returned to England in 1998. Since then she has helped and encouraged many people to write their autobiographies and now runs a successful writing group.

She now lives in Sussex where she has grown to love the South Downs and the history of its people. Her novels encompass the folklores of the region and the colourful Sussex sayings that are in danger of dying out.

Her novels, The Farthing Mark, A Magpie Mourning and Blind Bargain have been well received both in and outside the county.

The late Victorian era with its social conventions so different from those of today, is of particular interest to Bunny Mitchell. She has written four novels, all set during this period. For each novel she has taken injustice, particular to the period and often the result of ignorance, as her theme.


 Contact me bunny.mitchell@aol.co.uk 


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